Ground Source Heat Pump

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Ground source heat pump technology is utilised by Groenholland U.K. ltd. We provide sustainable heating and cooling solutions to school, business, hospitals and housing. On many of our U.K. projects installed since 2001 we still provide ongoing support to end users. We do this via a web interface and also often physically maintain both plantroom hardware and controls software.

Groenholland U.K. Ltd. not only offers complete turn key installations, we can also provide support to design teams when energy concepts are developed and the use of ground source is considered. Make use of our extensive experience and knowledge developed over the last 25 years and find out how your project could benefit from using ground source.

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Ground Source Heat Pump
Plantroom Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground source feasibility study

A first step when considering the use of ground source of a project is to undertake a desk top feasibility study. Using available information on ground conditions, available space on site maybe even some initial energy load information from the energy services consultant or installer can help you get a first order estimate on feasibility of your project

Groenholland U.K. Ltd also provides design services for borehole heat exchanger wellfield and plantroom heat pump equipment. For testing site suitability for drilling we provide trial borehole services via our preferred drilling subcontractor who also can provide TRT (Thermal Response Testing) to determine the borehole thermal conductivity and background temperatures, both relevant parameters in borehole design.

Groenholland UK qualifications

Groenholland U.K. Ltd. is a ISO 9001 and MCS certified company. For thermal design we use modelling programs such as EED, FeFlow, MLU (Multi Layer Unsteady state) and ITGBES (Thermal Interference tool). The ITGBES tool has been developed by Groenholland Netherlands to establish thermal effects between adjacent closed loop ground source systems so that temperature loss due to neighbouring effects can be compensated for in design. In the Netherlands the ITGBES is the de facto tool used when permitting all large scale housing developments using ground source systems.

Groenholland Geo Energy Systems
Ground Source Heat Pump Plant Room - Groenholland

Turn key GSHP systems

Groenholland U.K. is an independent sister company of Groenholland NL. The focus in the U.K. is on design and build systems, some reference projects are:

2001    Commerce way Croydon, office building
2002    St Lukes Church (London Symphony Orchestra), heat pump system renovated in 2020.
2003    Welsh Assembly building, Cardiff.
2008    Chan Brothers Beckton, industrial warehousing
2011    Lakeshore Bristol, appartment building (renovated offices/factory)
2012    World Wildlife Fund (WWF) headquarters, Woking
2014    Bournemouth University Student Centre
2015    Bournemouth University, Fusion building
2016    Prince’s Gate, Kensington London, residence
2018    Thorns Beach, holiday residence
2018    Quadram Institute (NHS) research facility, Norwich
2019    Mayfair House, London residence
2020    City University London, new law faculty, Islington.
2021    Holland Park, London Residence

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